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Our skirting heating installed in a office

Climaboard PowerPlus
Our skirting heating is one of the healthiest heating systems you can get!

Climaboard installed on a Yacht

Introducing Climaboard®, a highly responsive, cost effective, compact skirting heating system that works with boilers,
heat pumps or TMM-Clima-loginelectric power. 

1 - Healthy heat
2 - No micro dust nor oxygen depletion
3 - Easier to install and more responsive than Underfloor
4 - Better heat distribution than radiators
5 - No hot or cold spots

6 - Gets heat right into the corners
7 - Ideal for renovations
8 - Easily retrofit-table

9 - Most powerful skirting in its class!

With its system of twin 15mm copper pipes connected to aluminium fins by means of close-fitting flanged joints, Climaboard® delivers heat in an extremely efficient manner, providing over 250 watts per meter at input water temperature of 65C!




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Skirting heating, also known as skirting board heating or in the USA, baseboard or perimeter…

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What to do if there’s not enough wall for skirting board heating

Published on February 11, 2015

Climaboard Power Plus skirting board heating packs an amazing 30% more energy into just 140 x 30mm profile – over 260W/Mtr at 65oC! On top of that, there’s Climaboard DUO – with its clever arrangement of 4 parallel 15mm copper pipes in just 250 x 30mm profile that quite literally delivers double the power – that’s over 500 Watts/metre!

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